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Meditazione e immondizia

maggio 5th, 2010 Posted in Ricette, Spiritualità

The great master Yogi Bhajan said many times
If when meditating — all your garbage does not come out to greet you
— you are probably not meditating

Meditation disassembles old thought patterns and reassembles them into ones
that better serve the ‘pre-awakened’ on the path to becoming ‘awakened’.
This is not always a dance — much of the time it is a struggle
— especially when you run into patterns that have become attachments.

Attachments are common when patterns have been in place for many years
. . . and most of every one’s patterns have been.
They are entrenched in the established system
— the subconscious believes they are protecting your life perfectly
and does not plan on giving them up that easily.

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