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Le radici dello Yoga

agosto 15th, 2011 Posted in Ricette, Spiritualità

«Yoga is not a modern invention of the human mind, but our ancient and prehistoric possession.

The Veda is our oldest extant human document and the Veda, from one point of view, is a great compilation of practical hints about Yoga.

All religion is a flower of which Yoga is the root; all philosophy, poetry & the works of genius use it, consciously or unconsciously, as an instrument.

We believe that God created the world by Yoga and by Yoga He will draw it into Himself again. (…)

Yoga may be done without the least thought for the breathing, in any posture or no posture, without any insistence on concentration, in the full waking condition, while walking, working, eating, drinking, talking with others, in any occupation, in sleep, in dream, in states of unconsciousness, semiconsciousness, double-consciousness.

It is no nostrum or system or fixed practice, but an eternal fact of process based on the very nature of the Universe».


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