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La fisica quantistica e l’arte di osservare

ottobre 18th, 2010 Posted in Ricette, Spiritualità, Storie Usa

Ricevo e volentieri ritrasmetto questo testo di Guru Singh, uno degli allievi di Yogi Bhajan, che vive a Los Angeles.

«The quantum laws of physics live vivaciously within the nature of humanology, but science even today has discovered less than half of these laws that yogis have known and lived by for centuries. Science has yet to allow this magical half to raise it voice in the midst of the logical roar.Learn to work with the magical half of this multi-verse as well as the prevailing logical half.
Be a source-knower — become a source-seer
. . . know and see what will cause the world of your world to evolve more rapidly than ever. Release every limitation, every small biased thought; release every presentation that prevents the extraordinary.

Because the world that is happening to you is happening through you
. . . the observed and the observer become the same event and manifest the power of thought.
When you observe this without judgment, you leave this neutral attitude within the collective human potential and humanity becomes more prosperous.
When you observe the world at large without judgment, you leave a blessing.

Any judgment traps the world in the exact way being judged
. . . forgiveness moves and releases the traps forward to a new moment.
Forgiveness is the antidote to judgment, far closer to the way you wish.
Use this magical power of observation to become a healer of your world.
You will notice that discomfort — even disease — is like a hand full of sand
. . . when you observe it closely you will notice that all of the parts are always in motion.
This motion is able to transmute the discomfort into comfort;
the sickness into healing . . . every action creates equal reaction.

Even in the case of serious disease, the ease is equally available right next to it. Acknowledge this ease; acknowledge the comfort
— the comfort and ease will acknowledge you back . . . will become more active.
Remember: energy flows where your attention goes.
Focus your attention on that which will heal . . . feed the ease — nourish the comfort . . .
the blessings of this world are right there at your thought-tips,
the new evolution of human consciousness . . . .»

The Guru Singh Global Community Team
Yoga West
1535 S. Robertson
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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