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dicembre 29th, 2010 Posted in Felicità, Ricette, Spiritualità

Ricevo e volentieri ripubblico questo testo molto interessante di Guru Singh.

The entire universe is built on code —
this material code has an assortment of frequencies making up the elemental chart.
We live in the physical results of this code:
we dream and plan in this code;
we speak and act in this code;
we succeed and fail in this code.
When we are timid and passive, this is a code of our fate;
when we are active and proactive, it is the code of our destiny.
It is life-code.

The human quest is constantly asking: does this code make common sense . . .
are there patterns within this code . . . and . . .
how can I / we cause this code to be more sensible, more accurate and more fruitful?
How can we consistently build — not only our lives, but our collective cultures —
through the harmonies of an aligned life?

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